Pet Nat P 2021

Grape Variety: 
100% Pinot Noir
Tasting Note: 
Grown on sandy loam and gravel soil, the grapes were harvested on August 17th 2018 and whole bunch pressed. Fermented with wild yeasts, in stainless steel tanks. This is a M├ęthode Ancestrale sparkling wine that was bottled on August 30, 2018 while there was still residual sugar left, allowing the fermentation to finish in the bottle, resulting in a wine with a natural perlage. After a period of aging, each bottle was disgorged by hand on April 16, 2019. 11% alcohol. RS 1g/l.
Judith Beck owns a total of 13.5 hectares of vineyards in Gols and produces about 100.000 bottles of Biodynamic wines

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